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OFW Business Guide

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Five Things the Filipino Middle Class Should Watch Out For

How to Find a Freelance Job to Make Extra Income

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Studies reveal that a typical millionaire has around seven income streams. How many do you have?

If you have a job, a savings account, stocks, and mutual fund investments — that’s four sources of income already. One is an active source, while the other three are passive sources. Read Full Story


How To Find Time To Do Personal Projects While Keeping Your Full-Time Job

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A friend once told me that your 8am to 5pm is when you build your career, but your 7pm to 1am is when you should build your dreams.

I find it quite inspiring, and I agree. For I have met a lot of individuals who was able to build a successful business during the hours between their day job and sleep. Read Full Story.


Three Practical Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Winning the Game of Wealth Pinoy Money Academy

How to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

Why building wealth with real estate can be slow (and how to make it faster)

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Since you are reading this on my blog, you are obviously interested in building wealth through real estate investing. Most of you would probably agree with the idea that the goal is to accumulate wealth through passive income generating rental properties.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tagaytay for Your Next Real Estate Investment

By Rob John Valencia – April 19, 2016


Tagaytay is one of the popular choices for a quick getaway in the Philippines. Its cool climate, fine restaurants, and awe-inspiring sights never fail to satisfy the need of every Filipino for leisure.

Just more than an hour drive from Manila but not quite as crowded, Tagaytay houses amenities and establishments everyone needs to conveniently live daily. Effortlessly relaxed and consistently progressive, it has not just become a tourist spot for people who want to relax during the weekend but also a place of permanent residenceRead Full Story

What’s your net worth? Here are 7 steps to find out

Estate Planning and Probate Pproceedings

Rent Control Law

By Legal HD

Real Estate Laws and Rights 

By Legal Help Desk

6 Ways to Start Paying Yourself First


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You’ve probably heard this piece of advice practically across all financial websites and blogs you visit — and with reason. Paying yourself first is a core principle of personal finance as we have mentioned in The Best Personal Finance Strategy — Pay Yourself First.

The concept might still be hard to grasp, especially that of saving for a far off future we might not even reach yet. Add to that the piling bills, debt, and other expenses that knock at your door the minute you receive your monthly paycheck. Saving for yourself seems like an impossible task, and an impractical idea. But it is doable. And you can do it.

You can start with little steps that don’t have to be hard on your pocket. We’ve listed down six ways you can adopt to ease into the habit of paying yourself first. Read Full Story

The Simple Formula to Earning Your First Million

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What can you do with one million? You may say you’d spend it all in one day — perhaps to buy a car, or acres of land. You can spend it in a shopping spree, or invest the lot of it. Whatever your answer, one thing is for sure. Earning your first million is infinitely harder (and would definitely take longer) than spending it.

Rather than trying your luck in lottery, why not let your money earn more money. One awesome way of reaching your cash target is through harnessing the power of compounding interest. You’ve probably heard the term thrown a lot, in fact, we’ve highlighted its use on a number of occasions. We’ve shown you how compounding interest helps you on retirement, on investments, in paying for yourself first, even with your kids. Read Full Story

How To Get Started In The Stock Market

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Becoming an expert investor is hard, and most of us don’t know where to start. But for Marvin Germo, Registered Financial Planner and stock market trader, he had a goal from the get-go. He wanted to have a better future for himself, and saw that investing was the way to go. “My parents never taught it to me. But I saw the effects of not investing, so I said to myself “When I get older, my life should be different than what they’re experiencing right now,” and that pushed me to educate myself in how to invest in different things.” He started investing in his early 20s and hasn’t looked back since. Read Full Story

By Tyrone Solee

The proverb ‘the early bird catches the worm’ is not only true to work but also when it comes to investing. Most people prefer instant gratification especially if they worked really hard for that money. They need to instantly gratify themselves in order to savor the rewards of their hard work. Read Full Story


The Prize of Delayed Gratification

By Tyrone Solee

It’s that time of the year once again. Most companies have ended their fiscal years and gave performance bonus to most of their employees. Employees were awashed with cash and they were very happy thinking of where to spend it since they worked hard to earn it. Are they going to buy new clothes, new gadgets, or go to their next vacation destination? Read Full Story


Budgeting and Personal Finance


Magand ba Mag – Invest Sa Mutual Funds?

5 Signs That You Are Not Doing Well Financially

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Personal finance means the management of individual or family finances. This means that you are able to pay for day-to-day expenses as well as emergencies while ultimately saving some part of the money you earn for investment and retirement. Read Full Story>>>

Building Wealth: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Francisco Colayco has been helping Filipinos manage their money and build wealth since the early 2000s. “I realized people were hungry for guidance, so I thought I’d throw in my two cents,” he tells iMoney in an interview. Throughout his career, Colayco has helped OFWs and others grow their money and achieve their financial goals through Colayco Financial Education. Read Full Story

Good Loan vs. Bad Loan

by ANC On The Money

Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang 

By Toni Tiu, PesosandSense.com


Ang pamagat ng kwentong ito ay hiniram sa isang napakasikat na kanta nung 1980s. Ang una niyang linya ay “Sayang ang mga sandaling pinalipas ko…” Bagay na bagay sa usapan natin. Ang ikekwento ko ngayon ay hindi kwentong pag-ibig. Ito ay ang kwento ng mga leksyon na sana’y natutunan ko nung kabataan ko, para mas napaaga ang pag-alaga ko sa aking ipon. Read Full Story

What Happens if You Can’t Pay For Your Credit Card 

Written by , Imoney.ph


It is very alarming indeed when you suddenly find yourself at arms length from your death sentence: this month’s astronomical credit card bill. Impulse shopping finally caught up, just when you forgot to factor in the compounding interest to your computation. Reeling from panic — nope, you don’t need to go there just yet. You can still remedy the situation! Read Full Story

Why Rentals In The Philippines Make Attractive Investments

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Passive income is the ultimate goal that everyone wants to achieve. Making money without lifting a finger? Sounds like a pretty good deal!

As such, a growing number of investors are turning to real estate for conservative source of passive income. You can ask any landlord and they’ll tell you that having a couple of rooms to let can provide enough to cover for expenses well beyond their retirement years. The expanding population, booming economy and thriving tourism has made sure that the Philippines, especially Metro Manila has no shortage of tenants either. Read Full Story

Magkano Ang Laman Ng Wallet Mo?

By Toni Tiu, PesosandSense.com


“Magkano ang laman ng wallet mo?” Huwag kang mag-aalala, hindi ako hihiram ng pera! Pero sa pagsagot ng tanong na ito, huwag mong titingnan ang wallet mo. Isipin mo muna kung magkano nga ba ang laman nito. Walang dayaan! Isip, isip. Okay. May sagot ka na? Okay, game. Buksan ang iyong wallet at tingnan kung magkano nga ba talaga ang laman ng wallet mo. Tumpak ba ang iyong sagot? Humigit ba o kumulang? Read Full Story


by ANC On The Money

Hotel of Asia Inc.


by ANC On The Money

Cash Flow by Larry Gamboa

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House Vs. Condo

by ANC On The Money

Making Money from foreclosed properties.

Condo Rentals

by ANC On The Money

Getting out of DEBT “UTANG”

by ANC On The Money


Kung Bibili ka ng CONDO


March 27, 2015 By Aya Laraya, PesosandSense.com

Isa sa mga pinaka-popular na investment ngayon para sa mga Pinoy – lalo na sa mga OFW, ay ang pagbili ng condo. Halos mula sa paglapag sa airport hanggang sa mga mall ay may mga nag-aabot ng mga flyer at brochure na nagbebenta ng iba’t-ibang condo project. Ngayon, kung ikaw ay nag-iisip na bumili ng condo, ito ang mai-papayo ko sa iyo. Read Full Story

More foreign investors in PHL property may push price up : JLL

By Krista A. M. Montealegre, bworldonline.com

This general view shows the Makati financial district of Manila on January 31, 2011. The Philippine economy expanded by 7.3 percent last year, the highest since democracy was restored to the country more than two decades ago, the government said. Growth domestic product (GDP) growth in the last three months of 2010 also surpassed expectations to reach 7.1 percent, the National Statistical Coordination Board said. AFP PHOTO/NOEL CELIS

Further opening up the Philippine  real estate sector foreign investors may drive property prices higher in the residential sector , making it too expensive for locals, an official of property consultancy firms Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) said yesterday.Read Full Story

Why You Should Plan For Retirement as Early as Possible.

by Fitz Villafurte, FitzVillafuerte.com

The daughter of a friend recently graduated from college, and just got accepted at her first job.I visited their home over the weekend, and she asked if I have any advice for her, now that she’s working. Read Full Story

Good News for OFWs You Can Now Buy Life Insurance Online. 

by Fitz Villafurte, FitzVillafuerte.com

Life insurance is an essential part of a sound financial plan. It provides financial security and peace of mind to those who mean the most to you – your spouse, your children, and dependent parents. Read Full Story



By Aya Laraya, PesosandSense.com

Are Condotels Good Investmensts ?

by ANC On The Money

Property firms buck stricter HLURB ad rulings

By Iris C. Gonzales, The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – The country’s property developers including the biggest names in the industry see a slowdown in their business this year because of the stricter guidelines on advertisements issued by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board’s (HLURB). Read Full Story